Monday, August 6

Adderall Night and Nuvigil Day

Do you know the difference between night and day? I do. It’s my husband on Adderall and my husband on Nuvigil.
My husband is so much closer to normal – our version of it anyway. He isn’t keyed up and agitated, his appetite has returned, and he is able to sleep somewhat. 

Things could still be better, though. Nuvigil is not the perfect solution; if he doesn’t eat when taking it, he gets headaches and he still doesn’t get enough sleep. He also still has mild anxiety attacks every now and then. We’re working on that part.

But for now, I’m delighted with the difference.


  1. Nuvigil has been my saving grace. If I have to go back to stims, I may just loose it.

  2. It's odd how idiosyncratic this condition is AND how idiosyncratic the the drug interactions are. I had trouble on Nuvigil and it is Adderall that is the saving grace for me. I do have to skip a day every once in a while because of "agitation" but Nuvigil was far worse and could even aggravate other symptoms. It is a lesson for anyone who is newly diagnosed- you have to try different meds and see what works. And don't get discouraged along the way.

  3. Is there anyone that has been proven to be untreatable for Narcolepsy? It has been almost two years for me and two doctor's later and every type of combinations of meds and nothing has even been a maybe. I so wish there were some answers out there. This really sucks ....