Tuesday, March 29

The Medication Shortage and Another Prior Authorization

We had a little bit of an issue with my husband's medication the other day.

He ran out of his 30-day supply on the 21st day.

I'm not sure how we've been letting things slide for so long - I guess we've just been busy with day-to-day life. Okay, okay, I've been letting things slide for too long. I know good and well that my hubby isn't likely to be able to keep close tabs on his meds. 

When we attempted to get his new prescription filled, our insurance company demanded a prior authorization. Upon followup, we were told that the insurance company wouldn't pay for a new 30-day supply yet. The most leeway they offered would be a week (one week earlier than the 30-day time limit), so my husband had to go for a couple of days without.

Now what happened to the missing week's supply, you ask? Yeah, so did we. My husband insisted that he had not been taking extra pills, he didn't recall dropping, spilling, or losing any, and yet there he was, a week's supply short. 

First of all, I believed him. Originally his doctor had him taking more every day, but not liking the way he felt, my husband asked his doctor to step down his dosage. So if he wanted to take more, he could just ask his doctor to adjust that.

Anyway, I realized... I need to keep better track of my husband's medicine. Again. There's a lot that goes into helping someone with their chronic illness, and while I'm handling some other areas pretty well, I let the whole medication thing slip. Now that we know it's an issue, though, we've already made changes. 

We dole out just enough of his medicine for him to take with him during the day, leaving the rest of his medicine safely at home. We also use a chart now to keep track of when he's taken his medication.

Understandably, my husband was ready and willing to try new solutions to keep better track of his meds. The two days he had to go without his medicine were not good - for him or me.

So we're hoping our new methods will make things better - for both of us.


  1. always count your meds after picking them up from the pharmacy. I've had the pharmacy short me meds, believe it or not! Even the controlled substance meds that are counted twice! My senior dog's pain meds were being stolen by the vet's office that I picked them up from. I kept coming up short, so I counted them one day when they filled them. 12 pills short. That vet's office scrambled to fix it, but they knew someone was stealing the meds. Good luck with keeping track of your hubby's meds!!

  2. That totally makes sense about counting the meds, and yet, I have never done it. Great reminder!

    NW: how frustrating to have the med situation and the authorization issue pop up so often.

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  4. We definitely counts all meds now - I can't stress the importance of that enough!

  5. mine may not fall in same category..but i am going thru the prior authorization for my daughters meds...this has been an ongoing thing for almost two wks now...she has been without meds for almost two wks...i understand there is stipulations but two wks is a long time...my daughters is a controlled substance and she gets help thru the state....were being told this may be a every month thing to go thru now...

  6. What a pain - I feel for you because two weeks is a really long time without meds. Hang in there!