Friday, July 30

Those Who Understand

So I've been trying to find a message board/forum for Narcoleptics and their families. Fortunately, there are a ton of resources out there! Now it's a matter of picking and choosing which one to sign up with. I don't intend to join several, since realistically, I'll probably only be able to regularly post to just one. Here's are my initial reactions:

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SleepNet - this site seems OK. I'm not crazy about the layout, but it isn't complicated. Seems to have a lot of resources, links, and info which is awesome.

Talk About Sleep - I like their slogan, "All Sleep, All the Time." I'm not into all of the ads on the 1st page, but maybe that's how they keep it free or something. The message boards seem really active, which is great!

Narcolepsy Network Forums - I've used this site a lot to educate myself, but I've never looked at their forums. Seems active, nice layout, but I'm not sure yet...

People With Narcolepsy - This one looks pretty good, but it doesn't seem too active. I really like the layout, but maybe it's a newer site because it doesn't seem have a TON of members. Maybe that's a good thing.


  1. By far, the best forum for support is and their Narcolepsy support group. It is geared ONLY toward conversation, networking, and building relationships. It is a large but closeknit group. Many other sites are much less disorder specific, are only active in streaks, and you'll find the same members on all of them.

    -Jessica Stanton

  2. Hey thanks Jessica - I'll check that out today! I'm definitely interested in disorder-specific groups too...